FGG Unzipper

We’ve just let out our first game on the Unity engine…

It’s Unzipper!







As it is known from the description, the game is about unzippingcharacters from the trousers hanging on the strings.

The idea of such a  game comes from 1998, when it was a part of jeans campaign.
The segregation of duties was:
–       Graphic project
–       Sketches
–       2D graphic
–       Unity3D
–       Scripts
–       3D Mapping (Blender)
–       Betatesting
–       Nagging
–       Drinking beer 🙂
Because some were involved in other projects our work was jumping. There was an idea, Mena was fighting designing and I was preparing the title screen of the game…

It wasn’t, however, appreciated  by the rest of the team… :)) In any case Mena prepared a second version, even nicer. After a few changes of conception arose projects of characters:

In a meantime Artur started to put everything together in Unity and write scripts.After the end of the work on the 2D characters, background, buttons etc. the time has come to prepare 3D objects, texturing them and replacing them to Unity.Then Artur with his magical scripts set it all going and the whole began reminding something like a game.
A few days and beers later set off beta version, still without working Bomber (a bad neighbor).
A moment later final version 1.0


See you till our next project!
And here is some gameplay 🙂




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